A Procrastinators Confessions.

A Procrastinators Confessions.

Broken Manipulator

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2011-09-16 12:54:13

I am writing this with one hand, and not because I am looking at naked girls at the same time you pervs. I am using one hand because the other hand is in a cast after a slight oopsie a last Wednesday. Let me tell all my faithful readers that when you get home anything that is supposed to be able to hold up your body weight. Read the manual. I didn't and it resulted in me falling about a meter and a half and landing on my elbow, which resulted in this:

So now it's a while later and I have a couple metal pins attached to my elbow as well as some steel wire holding everything together. The cast should come off in about 3 weeks and I should be back to work 3 weeks after that.

So in conclusion boys and girls. Check your gear and RTFM.

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