A Procrastinators Confessions.

A Procrastinators Confessions.

Books, glorious books.

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-10-10 22:13:42
It can sometimes be amazing how relaxing a good book can be. I just bought an advance readers copy (ARC) of John Ringo's latest book 'Live Free or Die' and have been reading for the past 2 or so hours. The result? I am a lot more relaxed than I was at the time of my last update and have even started to feel quite cheerful. And now I think I'm going to read a multi thousand word essay on cultural influence on a warfighter, for fun.

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The Cleaner.

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-10-08 21:44:30
I now have a clean apartment thanks to a carton of smokes and a friend in need. Thanks babe.

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Linguistic question.

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-10-03 05:45:18
How do you say 'huh?' in a dignified manner?

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Blood Bowl

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-10-02 17:46:04
So riddle me this dear friends: Why do sports have to be safe or fair? Couldn't we have some form of racing that has no rules beyond 'get around the track' and possibly 'no weapons', even though that last rule does sound kind of boring. Now that would be something to watch. Cars flying around the track at breakneck speeds with lots of crashes, and probably many deaths and injuries. I firmly believe that there wouldn't be a problem finding drivers despite the dangers involved, and since they would be well aware of what they where getting in to why should we hold them back from pushing the envelope on what humans can achieve? Same thing with American style football. Surely the game would be more entertaining if there where no rules regarding what is and is not allowed beyond 'don't kick him if he is down and the referee is watching. Yet again this would result in far more injuries and fatalities. But also a hell of a lot more fun to watch.

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Really old school.

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-09-22 01:56:26
I have always wondered why classical music has such a poor reputation among most people under the age of 50. Sure it does not have any of the relevant lyrics that more modern music does. Nor does it have the same anger or frustration that is so prevalent in todays youth oriented music. But does have one thing that very few modern artist or musicians  can even attempt to replicate, Gravitas. Whether it was written as a ballad or a tribute, all classical music has a weight and a dignity that, in my no where near humble opinion, nothing currently produced can even attempt to match. Nothing has the same power to relax and to inspire as a well played piece of music from the ancient masters. 'Für Elise' by Beethoven must be among the most calming pieces of music ever written by man. Where as Wagners 'Die Walkure' is possibly the most well known piece of inspirational music ever put down on paper, or played by an orchestra. So what I am going to do now is sit back, open a book, and listen to Barbers masterpiece 'An Adagio for Strings' and simply enjoy the rest of the night.

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A lazy Sunday.

Journal - RandomPosted by MrCIA 2009-09-21 02:47:28

Sometimes you just have to love a lazy Sunday. Got up way past lunch today, and didn't even bother with such things as pants. All I did until I went to grab a cup of coffee with a friend was read and play around with my computers. Once I came back from there I read some more, took a nap and ate some food.

Sometimes I love my life.

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'Battle for Terra'

Review - MoviePosted by MrCIA 2009-09-20 17:25:04

A few months back I saw a trailer for a new movie that looked kind of interesting, 'Battle for Terra'. As time went by and the movie failed to show itself on either DVD or the cinema I finally resorted to 'technical means' for my copy. Once it arrived I settled down in my couch with candy and soda, (yes I'm still 10 at heart) and started the show. Oh and if you don't like spoilers, find another review.

Lets start by getting the good stuff out of the way so the ranting can begin. First of I liked the CGI, it was crisp and clean without any major fuck-ups. The voice acting was also not bad at all. The actors had a P.O.S. script to work with, but somehow they managed to pull it of and make me believe they meant what they said. The action scenes where exciting and well shot. Enough closeups to show off the flashy effects but not so many you couldn't get an overall picture of what was going on.

And then lets move on to the bad bits. My major gripe with this movie is the story. During the first 75% of the movie it was really interesting, with a cool back story for both the humans and the aliens in the movie, mostly revolving around death and destruction of entire planetary populations. The humans don't have a home world any more and even Venus and Mars are uninhabitable because of a civil war, and the only human survivors in the entire universe are on a warship that is way past its sell-by date (how they managed to fuck up Venus so it was worse than it is now is a bit beyond me though). Early in the movie a human becomes friends with an alien. A bit expected but not something I'm going to complain about. No, what I'm going to complain about is the final battle and the main human characters actions. As we have already established the humans on the invading ship are the last humans alive anywhere. They are basicaly out of supplies and time. If they fail to colonize this world humanity is going to be a foot-note in an alien civilizations history books. The have a device that can convert the atmosphere of Terra to one that humans can breath, of course it is not something that natives are going to like. Something to do with a good old fashioned nitro/oxy mix being dangerous...wusses. Now this human that was friends with an alien. He decides for some increadible reason that a alien, I can easily go so far as to call her a person, and her people are worth more to him that every single human alive. Including his own still living family. Now I'm sorry but I just don't buy it. If I meet someone and less than three days later I have to chose between them and my own family, my only question is going to be 'what do we do with the corpse?'. The person writing this script actually wants you to believe that a human would willingly sacrifice everything he knows and will ever know including his own life, (yes the stupid, treasonous fucker dies, thats about the only good thing I can say about that bit in the movie) for some alien broad he just meet. I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So. Now I will agree that what the humans where doing was, from the perspective of us modern, western humans wrong. Very, very wrong even. It was basicly the ultimate expression of imperialism. But in the situation they where in, it was not only morally right to do what they did. It was the only thing they could do.

Bottom line:
Battle for Terra is not a movie I can recommend to anyone, I'm not bullshitting here. The only people who could possibly enjoy this movie are people who are so full of liberal anti-war bullshit that they can't see straight. But to everyone else, Stay the fuck away.

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And so it begins.

Information - BlogPosted by MrCIA 2009-09-20 04:12:48

For many years I have tried and failed to create a well updated and interesting presence  online. Websites, portfolios and so on and so forth have always failed due to my total disinterest of anything I deem 'unnecessary' or boring. Though I have always been a creative person, nothing has ever held my interest once it is 'done'. "There, I finished it. On to the next thing to do." And so I come at last to this next try, a blog.

I do have a meaning with this though.

I see this as a place I can blow of some steam at those cocksuckers down in pussyswamp who consider every single person living in this country to be an irresponsible child. 

I see this as somewhere to tell the world about my latest cool gadget, thing or doohickey.

To rant about what the creators of the game-of-the-week did wrong (and right).

And maybe, just maybe to get personal emotions and feelings of my chest and into the aether.

Thanks to my history of such endeavors I have very real doubts that this will lead to anything. But I will try.

Just don't hold your breath boys and girls.

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