A Procrastinators Confessions.

A Procrastinators Confessions.

Theodore - Part I

Journal - WritingPosted by MrCIA 2011-11-08 02:21:54


He awoke at night, as his kind always and only did in this world. He was an old soul, one of the oldest of his kind. A Warden of the night for uncounted generations. He looked around his surroundings carefully, searching for anything out of place. He had long since abandoned the humor in trying to find something out of place in a child's room as he focused on searching across the clutter for any clue of his ancient enemies return. It had been years since it had last shown it's ugly head to Theodore, and even though he had been victorious on that night it had almost cost him his life and the life of his ward. Theodore had come out of it with a few new stitches to add to all the old ones. His ward however was almost taken. It had taken years for her soul to heal properly though he suspected that she would carry the burden of his failure for the rest of her life.

Satisfied that nothing was trying to pierce through to this place he sat up in the bed and stretched, his body sore and stiff from the lack of movement during the day. As he stood up he closed his black eyes to better perceive his wards mind. Humans had such lovely mind glows, bright and full of color. So bright in fact that when they were awake they could hold off even the most determined and powerful of foes from his own home without even noticing the existence of them. When they slept it was another matter entirely. The glow was diminished as they lay in their beds and dreamed. Theodore could often see and share in Alex's dreams through the connections they shared. Everything from bright flights of fancy to dark and terrible nightmares.

He sat back down on the headboard and focused his will on the line connecting them together. It was reaching its peak strength. She was getting old enough to properly understand that he made her safe from the things from beyond what her parents knew about. That knowledge, subconscious though it may have been, would tie them together in a bond that would follow them both for as long as they both lived. However nothing last forever, and the glorious bond between them would far to soon start to fade away as her mind grew away from such childish things as what went bump in the night. Soon after she would have no use for protection as her sleeping mind would have grown strong enough to protect her even without a warden present. Though the bond would exist till the day they died.

*** To Be Continued ***

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Journal - WritingPosted by MrCIA 2011-04-03 13:56:52
When I started writing this novel I made a pretty stupid, rookie mistake. I did not plan for the damn book to end. I have now spent a few hours mapping out the rest of the book, and while I don't have an ending yet. I can feel that it's close, real close. I have the next couple chapters mapped out to a reasonable degree, and the end of the book, but not the characters adventures, is finally in sight.

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Journal - WritingPosted by MrCIA 2011-04-02 23:34:24
I have a whole list of reasons I have been negligent in my writing lately. Good reasons and not so good reasons, check the post below for one of them. As we all know on the other hand, reasons like those are simply excuses for being unmotivated and lazy. I make no excuse, I simply note that it has happened, and why, and will try to move from there. With a little luck I will manage to avoid some of these pitfalls in the future. Kinda doubt it though.

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Writing things.

Journal - WritingPosted by MrCIA 2011-03-22 00:40:23
I started writing last summer. I have never really written anything serious before in my life. Sure, I have written stuff for school, a few short things for friends, or about friends. I even wrote a speech once. Of course I had to hold it for a bunch of seniors that couldn't care less what I was speaking about, but it was still a good speech. Anyway, about my current writing. I decided to try my hand at writing seriously. Science Fiction I thought, now that's something I know. Something I read and study on my own continuously. So I started writing a prologue. a few hours later I had a first draft done. A few thousand words to set the tone and introduce an idea I had buzzing around my head. The reactions from those I showed it to surprised me. They really seemed to like it. Bull even suggested I should keep writing the story and post it to the stardestroyer.net user fiction forum. Working up my courage I finally posted it, and to my surprise the compliments continued. I wrote another chapter, and another. For a few months I punched out a chapter a week. I was compared to award winning authors. People were discussing future plot developments with great enthusiasm. I couldn't really believe it. I hadn't written more than a thousand words in one go in my entire life, and here I was, tens of thousands of words in a single story. Thirty, forty, fifty thousand words over ten or so chapters, and still the praise. I got some negative remarks, of course. My spelling, punctuation and grammar were, and still are, a hit or miss thing. Now I'm seventy thousand words into the book. I have people who read what is fast becoming a real book, who are actively engaged in the life stories of my characters. All this should point me towards a certain faith in my abilities. So why do I feel like I'm just faking it?

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