A Procrastinators Confessions.

A Procrastinators Confessions.

And so it begins.

Information - BlogPosted by MrCIA 2009-09-20 04:12:48

For many years I have tried and failed to create a well updated and interesting presence  online. Websites, portfolios and so on and so forth have always failed due to my total disinterest of anything I deem 'unnecessary' or boring. Though I have always been a creative person, nothing has ever held my interest once it is 'done'. "There, I finished it. On to the next thing to do." And so I come at last to this next try, a blog.

I do have a meaning with this though.

I see this as a place I can blow of some steam at those cocksuckers down in pussyswamp who consider every single person living in this country to be an irresponsible child. 

I see this as somewhere to tell the world about my latest cool gadget, thing or doohickey.

To rant about what the creators of the game-of-the-week did wrong (and right).

And maybe, just maybe to get personal emotions and feelings of my chest and into the aether.

Thanks to my history of such endeavors I have very real doubts that this will lead to anything. But I will try.

Just don't hold your breath boys and girls.

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